Thursday, September 16, 2010

spring 2011: 3.1 Phillip Lim

comprising his trademark neutral palette and lovely experimentation with sheers both favourites of cate's is 3.1 Phillip Lim's spring 2011 showing in New York. here are 9 of our favourite looks, via

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

shop update: Chalk, the right mix of sweetness and chic

Chalk is the brainchild of Singapore designer Priscilla Tan, who recently had a gorgeous new haircut! we digress, but don't you think she looks innocently sultry with that fire engine red lippy?

Priscilla designed for Swirl (formerly at Singapore's Stamford House) for 2 years before making the brave move to launch out on her own at her father's encouragement. two collections on, cate brings you a capsule collection of Chalk's "Dreams of Pandora" high summer 2010 collection. drawing inspiration from fashion blogger Miss Pandora of whom she is an ardent reader, Priscilla has created a style that is based contextually on her own imagination while staying faithful to the classic look portrayed by Miss Pandora. and the result is a lovely synthesis between the whimsical, the feminine and the spirited.

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as always, Chalk's pieces boast modern, sophisticated lines with an intimate attention to fit and detail, where each piece enhances and flatters, rather than overpowers. unique prints, a salute to Priscilla’s background as a visual artist, put the finishing touches on a classy, versatile and fun look. inject the fun back into dressing up with Chalk here and at their shop at PARCO Marina Bay #P2-30K, also known as the PARCO Next Next section at Millenia Walk, Singapore.

shop update: new in! ISAWAN

ISAWAN is the brainchild of Thai handbag designer, Isawan Sutthinark. her lovely handbags fall into that special category of classic-with-loads-of vintage charm. we met up with Isawan while she was in town a month ago and just fell in love with her bags and genuine warmth! asked how she came to start her handbag business, she shared with girlish excitement that when friends and passersby alike clamoured for her sassy and versatile self-made bags that she had created just for herself and her (lucky) sisters, she realised that she was on to something!

ISAWAN handbags have since been regularly featured on countless fashion magazines in Thailand and has even been copied on the streets of Bangkok! for now, cate has told Isawan to take it as a compliment. afterall, that was the same problem Kate Spade faced when they first started taking off!