Friday, October 15, 2010

shop update: sharp silhouettes by Nuboaix

Nuboaix is the latest brand we've launched on cate and on this lovely friday, we're bringing you a little q&a from the partners, Siyuan and Jessica: 

1. how did the name Nuboaix come about?  
It was very difficult to come up with a brand name, as it has to hold a certain level of meaning to us as the designers; and be unique, not being too similar to other fashion labels. "Nuboaix" is derived from a little pet in our lives, using a play on alphabets. Go figure!   

2. who’s behind the label?  what do you guys do for leisure?  
Us 2 designers Siyuan and Jess - we met in back in school and frankly in Singapore, this is just simply the only way to realise the dream and fuel the passion. Like normal people (haha) we watch movies, animes, sitcoms, dramas stay awake alot then sleep alot. We also play games on PS2 - yeah we are outdated in this part of the world :| sometimes there is mahjong, and then sometimes it's all day internet to feast our eyes on the latest and most hyped everything. I (Jess) read.. he doesn't.. Is bickering applicable here?   

3. what are your sources of inspiration?  
A mix of ideas from watching certain movies, animes or even a quote from somewhere. It's a burst of idea then you kinda forget what it was as we move forward..

4. any muse?  
He would say me! Hahaha.. We wouldn't make them if I am not going to wear them. We want our customers to feel like they are the IT girls when they put on a Nuboaix piece.. without looking like they tried very hard at it. It's an inner feeling that we are going for... so anyone with that kind of attitude is our muse.  

5. who do you have in mind when you design your pieces?  
As above.. but if you are asking who we would like to see in our works - Leigh Lezark to name one... 

Nuboaix's pieces retail between S$60 for their sassy tank tops and S$225 for their sleek sleeveless tunics, and goes up to S$790 for their altogether edgy convertible jeans and dress all-in-one (with conversion instructions thankfully part of the packaging). 

we're signing off with more pics from their fall 2010 'macht' lookbook...have a safe and happy weekend!

{click images to enlarge} 

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